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"Surrender" What Is Life Truly About and Our Eye's Wide Open?

Listen Up! My eye's were Blind and Now I see. I Pray and Hope through FAITH, that everyone opens their Eye's. To see and focus through the right lenses. We're ALL in desperate need of a Savior. Either WE don't Realize it, See it, Understand it and know what it truly Means? Maybe we all have questions and don't know the Answers? Our Father is Complex but a Loving, caring and understanding Father. HE has all the Answers....So ask, raise your Hands and the How or What, it's truly liked be Saved, will be Answered for YOU? I tell YOU it's the most Amazing feeling your Heart would or could ever experience. Trust, Believe, Faith and Surrender BE ALL IN..Focus only on Eternal Life and give the Worldly desires a Rest! Blessings to All and Everyone. Be Faith Fit.


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