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Lay down or Pick up your Cross? "God isn't Finished."

Faith Fit. Nation - I'm currently healing right now from bicep surgery-- tough being down! How do you cope or get a little exercise in when you're not 100%? Do what you can and work your lower extremities. Never stop! Yes! I hate being down, it's driving me insane! But keeping it real that life and things could always be worse! It's the Lifestyle, so when you know the importance of health and the temple you've been given by your Heavenly Father of course you want to honor the... GIFT. So Yes! All I want to do is LIFT, LIFT, LIFT... Life is still amazing, GOD is GOOD and all I keep doing is Grinding! Faith Fit. Nation is growing and GOD has a plan. One minute at a time, One person at a time we will help everyone step back and realize the precious Gifts we've all been given. We all WON THE LOTTERY! We just don't know it. Make a difference and impact lives through inspiration. It's not Monterey or about the Worldly possession. It's about The Kingdom and eventually Eternal Life. So make a difference today, leave a legacy and bless those who really need it! For everyone will be asked of how we used the gifts we've been given and did we serve accordingly? Do we sit on our own Throne or Do we leave that for our Heavenly Father? Giving HIM all the Glory for our doings or should I say accomplishments- What will HE say? Were you an Echo or a Voice, Were you a Fan or a Follower, Were you to busy Doing or Were you Being? Yes! Being a good Stewart of what we've been given. Sorry but we aren't Self made but we are Because of GOD. Something to think about! Have a great week pick up your Cross and be Justified by what HE deems a Success. Blessings...

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