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Be Ready for Monday

Happy Monday! Do you hit the ground running every Monday, excited to work for the Lord or do you live for Friday? Learning to live for Monday's is a mindset, a shift in your way of thinking and how your approaching life. But yet knowing, realizing and understanding you have a purpose on this earth. Yes! we all have one. A GOD given purpose, that's achieved through all the gift's you've been given. When you pray, pray for knowledge and wisdom to be grated. You will then understand, by listening to your heart! You are here on this earth for a purpose. What's yours, Know yours and Understand yours?

I leave you with this ---- Love thy Lord your God today and everyday with all your heart, soul, mind, body and STRENGTH!

If all you have left today is God's Grace is it enough? It's really all you need! Trust and Believe...

Blessings to all, have a wonderful week!

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