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First post - Welcome

I want to take the time to thank all who have visited our site. The Launch of Faith Fit. Lifestyle or should I just say Faith Fit. ??? I'm so excited this has come full circle and is finally here. We have so much we want to accomplish as an Organization. As you read through the about page and the Home Welcome segment, it will explain in detail of the Vision and purpose we want to help fulfill. Our intensions are to be more than just an Apparel company but a Brand that really stands for something. A Brand who wants to help inspire, motivate, overcome and speak LIFE into people. We realize LIFE is full of so many challenges and severe trials. Some that are so overwhelming, we often are sprout just things about them and wondering how we are going to get through? Be Faith Fit. is just that. Mind, Body and Soul with having the knowledge that it's a complete package. Yes! understanding how powerful the Mind is and how it impacts the rest your Body and your Soul. I will share life stories, experiences and outside wisdom through Blog. My personal experiences of brokenness, worry, fear, trials and how to overcome the many I've struggled with. Although we've been created so mechanically perfect and in our Father's image, we will all go through some sort of trial or incident. Heck! Even JESUS experienced trials. Faith Fit. is here to help you understand the greater power that's within you and through this strength of Faith, you will overcome. All you need to do is BELIEVE...

Our creator, Our heavenly FATHER is truly Amazing! He's given us so much and through HIM it will be ever lasting. Unless HE 's first, self sustainment will be sort lived. Give HIM back all the Glory, for you are Because of HIM.


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