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Exclusive, Eccentric Design. Dry Zone fabric, Athletic fit Keeps cool, breathability, moisture wicking technology for unbeatable comfort and performance 65/35 Poly/Cotton - soft cotton feel joins the dry zone family 4.5 Ounce

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WELCOME to the Lifestyle


Faith Fit. - Is here to make a movement, to bridge the gap between Health and Wellness, Fitness, Gym culture and most important your Lifestyle. To help produce a motivational and inspirational filled approach to both health, fitness and Life as we know it! To be immersed in the culture of the new and viewing health with an active lifestyle. Having both the Mind, Body and Spirit toward everyone’s goals and or life challenges.

Faith Fit. - Is the brand of choice toward your walk in faith, your daily motivation and your healthy, fit lifestyle!

We offer high-quality, well-designed Fitness, Casual, and Active apparel at affordable prices. We specialize in Women & Men's Fitness clothing ranging from all types up to including Motivational and Inspirational wear.

Faith Fit. - Is the strength you need to drive your last rep, your last step, your last push and your last breath. The inner voice that motivates you to keep thriving, to keep pressing in and moving forward when your feet just want to stop.

Faith Fit. - Is a movement, a lifestyle, a decision that should not be taken lightly, but once made will inspire you step by step to achieve your ultimate goal...

'Faith' - Daring your soul to go beyond what the eye cannot see...But what the Strength of the Spirit will Prevail.